The Music Box and the Music Within


by Linda R. O’Dell

It was the winter of 2010. I was trying to get a clear picture of who I was and where I belonged. It had been a few years since that event that made me single again. (It dose not matter what causes the event Death, Divorce, any type of separation they all cause pain.) I looked in the mirror and saw someone much different than I felt inside. What could I offer a potential mate? Inside I was happy and capable, but my body just did not reflect that. It couldn’t keep up with the image in my mind.

Weeks went by then the Christmas season came and I was looking for the perfect presents when I happened upon the music box. It was sitting in the corner of a second hand store. The storekeeper admitted he had barely noticed it though he was sure it had come in with a load of things from an estate sale. He didn’t even know if it worked. It was awkwardly shaped covered with dust and appeared to be worn down on the corners. It was not very impressive from the outside but something drew me to it. Maybe it was because I have always loved music boxes. So I bought it “as is”.

When I put it in the car it dropped on the seat and I heard a chime and wondered if I could make it work. When finally at home, I began to clean and polish it. I was quite amazed at its hidden beauty. Once it was clean, I discovered two little doors located on each end of the box. In the door on the left was a button, which allowed the music box to open up and display the delicate workmanship positioned inside of an inner glass box. Also inside the glass box were two multifaceted mirrors which, when opened to the light outside, sparkled. The door on the right had a key secured inside. At first glance it was not obvious where the key was to be used. I was now quite intrigued with this precious treasure and searched it carefully. I discovered this was not an ordinary music box.  I explored further, slid the glass box forward and saw a keyhole. With this discovery, anticipation grew.

As I wound the music box and listened to its amazing music the mirrors rotated and reflected everything surrounding me. Everything seemed to sparkle.  Now I was elated! I thought what if I had been put-off by its shabby exterior? I would have missed out on all of this beauty. Then I wondered, although it was not perfect, would I give this gift to a loved one? Is it good enough to share with someone I love?

Suddenly I remembered my concerns in the weeks before. Wow I thought, “I am a music box!” I had closed myself off, believing that no one could see past this exterior to what was inside. Now I vow to be brave, to open up, to allow others to really see what is inside and because of this experience I see others differently too. The Lord teaches us what he wants us to learn and sometimes it is quite unexpected.


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