A Walk With Saul

(An original joke by Steven G. O’Dell Oct 12, 2013)

I was walking with my friend Saul one day when he said there was someone he wanted me to meet. I asked how far it was and he said, “Just a short way down the road.” (Funny how a short way down the road becomes a few miles, all uphill.) Anyway, I ask him about the man and he says the fellow is Chinese and is the president of the local Sino-American league. He also told me the fellow was prone to drinking and always had a bottle of wine on his desk, from which he drank directly.

“Now, I should warn you he is an albino, so try not to stare, okay?” I answered in the affirmative and we walked on, or should I say up?

“He calls himself a Republican, but it’s in name only, so try not to get into a discussion of politics with him,” Saul advised. I answered in the affirmative.

“Oh, he is 97 years old, too; a real dinosaur,” Saul told me. I was beginning to be intrigued.

As we walked, Saul told me the man had been a gynecologist for many years before retiring. My head was beginning to swim.

“Oh, and he is over eight feet tall! Really Gi-normous!”

That did it. It was all beginning to sound contrived. I stopped to catch my breath and then asked Saul, “Just why do you want me to meet this man?”

Incredulous, Saul nearly exploded, “Are you serious?!! Are you kidding me?!! Where else are you gonna meet a Sino wino albino RINO dino gyno so Gi-no?!!!!!”

That’s when I turned around and it was all downhill from there, strange as that may seem.


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