We recognize that there is a tremendous amount of talent in the LDS community and although it is not possible to showcase all of it, but we can certainly begin somewhere and written materials is a good place to start. We welcome the best and brightest writers of the LDS community and those of a like mind to show us what you create in many genre–inspirational writings, poetry, short stories, childrens stories, vignettes, song lyrics and more. We invite you to send your offerings for consideration to ldswriterssampler@writeme.com. Put “Post Offering” in the subject line, please.

The intent is to highlight and bring attention to your personal creations, therefore we ask that you do not attempt to post the works of others without their express permission. While we cannot promise to use all of what is offered, we do give full credit to those who create the works. If you have a picture you want included with your post, please send it or a link to it. All writers retain full copyright to their creations and this site makes no claim but to showcase talented writers.  This is a perfect way to introduce others to our faith, as well as to inspire missionaries abroad and at home. Please tell your friends and family. The more we share, the faster it will grow.

On a personal note, I intend to start a site like this that will showcase other talents, outside of writing, more live-media-related in nature. This will include videos and musical recordings, as well as poetry readings and story-telling. If you have web skills, especially in WordPress, and wish to participate in the creation as an administrator, please write to the above email address and place “Admin Request” in the subject line.


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